Fish and Biotech

In this video (with english subtitles), Paola Branduardi, Associate Professor of Industrial Microbiology at the University of MilanoBicocca, talks about how the use of microrganisms can create a more sustainable aquaculture to meet the global demand for fish food

MySushi at Aquafarm

Last week the team MySushi participated in Aquafarm 2017, the exhibition dedicated to the technologies, products and best practices of sustainable production of food from water. The event, organized by Pordenone Fiere with the support of local and national institutions, is directed at a professional audience and revolves around the Mediterranean aquaculture and sustainable fisheries issues. The event is open to all operating actors in the Mediterranean basin.

In this context, the MySushi team presented the project to professionals in the aquaculture sector.

See the photos:

See the regional TG3 service of FriuliVenezia Giulia:

MySushi – Microalgae and Yeasts SUStainable fermentation for HIgh quality fish feed formulation

The goal of the project is to produce polyunsaturated fatty acids long-chain omega-3 (n-3 LCFAs) to be used in intensive fish farming to replace fish oil, which has become a limited oceanic resource and be increasingly expensive. MYSUSHI project will help develop technologies to cover a requirement of omega-3 which has now reached a deficiency worldwide by almost one million tons. The possibility of introducing in food chain new sources of omega-3, will enable greater availability of this valuable nutrient, essential in the human diet.