Interact with the project

The MySushi project includes an operating part dedicated to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

As Rene Von Schomberg, father of RR, stated:

Responsible Research and Innovation is a transparent and interactive process through which social actors and innovators become mutually reactive with each other with a view to the ethical acceptability, sustainability and social desirability of the innovation process and its marketable products, to order to allow a proper incorporation of scientific and technological advances in our society.

With this purpose, the project seeks the integration of scientific research in the aquaculture market, through the sharing of choices and design within the rules of laws and social ethics. The product of this research will be designed within the rules and ethical laws and this will be done through compartecipation. A multidisciplinary approach with the involvement of stakeholders and other interested parties leads to an inclusive process of innovation in which technical innovators become sensitive to the needs of society and social actors become co-managers of the innovation process by giving a constructive contribution in terms of definition of desirable products from the company.

The dimension of the innovative and responsible research are:

  • reactive management, adaptable and integrated in the innovation process;
  • networking among stakeholders;
  • high design interconnection between the process and the final product.

In practical

With the aim of creating shared involvement in the project choices, we ask you to answer a questionnaire to enrich our knowledge by creating a channel of communication between scientific research and civil society. Through this exchange of views it will be possible to modulate the activity of research into feed design which meets the needs of fish trade.

To answer the questionnaire, please click this link and answer the questions.

One more step

If you are interested in cooperating actively with us, then you can become stakeholders. The stakeholders is an active character in the fish market which is involved in the integrated management of the innovation process through discussions, interviews and networking with other project stakeholders.

By building on knowledge and experience of stakeholders we will be able to enrich current knowledge and create sharing experience available to everyone on this website.

If you are interested in becoming stakeholders or want more information please contact us at