Paola Branduardi
Associated Professor in Chemistry of Fermentation and Industrial Microbiology at the University of Milano-Bicocca
Principal Investigator and manager of MySushi project. General coordinator of the project and PI of biotechnological processes. Main research fields are development in applied microbiology and biotechnology, by tailoring recombinant microbial strains, mainly yeasts, for the production of heterologous proteins, fine and bulk chemicals, biofuels, nutraceutics. Metabolic engineering, flow cytometry assays, screening are the approaches used to design strains with the desired features, including robustness against stress.
Massimo Labra
Associated Professor in Plant Biology at the University of Milano-Bicocca
The main field of interest includes the study of water quality and the effects of water pollution on living beings and ecosystems. He is also interested in the study of food quality, including fish products, by using DNA molecular markers. In the MyShushi project, he coordinates the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) workpage with the aim to define a reliable research strategy, able to improve aquaculture sector, in agreement with the stakeholders.
Marco Saroglia
Former Professor of Aquaculture, in the field of Animal Sciences and Technologies at the University of Insubria in Varese
Main interests are the nutritional well-being and quality of products in intensive fish farm productiions. Prof. Saroglia studies, by applying a bio-molecular approach, the fish pathophysiological responses following the replacement of fish meal and fish oil with alternative protein and lipid sources. Within the project Mysushi prof. Saroglia deals with the experimental planning on fish and on the study of the digestive system response.
Genciana Terova
Associate Professor of Animal Sciences and Technologies at the University of Insubria in Varese
She follows an innovative line of research for aquaculture with functional genomic, proteomics and metagenomics approaches for the study of physiology, nutrition and welfare of farmed fish for human consumption. Within MYSUSHI project, she will study the response of the fish intestinal microbiome and of a panel of genes involved in intestinal absorption and immune response, following the replacement of fish oil with alternative lipid sources in fish diet.
Chiara Pesciaroli
Post-doc researcher for MysSushi project at University of Milano-Bicocca
Graduated in Environmental Science and PhD in Environmental Microbiology, is specialized in microbiology and biotechnological fermentative techniques, physico-chemical analysis and treatment of water and wastewater (chemical analysis, enzyme assays, microbiological control) and molecular biology techniques for the study of microbial communities. In the MySushi project is responsible for the developing and implementation of the experimental design of biotechnological processes.
Chiara Magoni
Young researcher for MySushi project at University of Milan-Bicocca
MS in Industrial Biotechnology, she works at the University of Milano-Bicocca in bioprospecting field by developing extraction techniques from agricultural waste matrices. In MySushi project she organize RRI activities (Responsible research & innovation) with the aim of involve social actors such as researchers, citizens, policy makers and companies, in order to share and integrate scientific and technological advances in civil society.
Stefano Bertacchi
MS in Industrial Biotechnology. Researcher at Galatea Biotech, spin-off of University of Milano-Bicocca
His researchers focused on the development of cell factories through genetic engineering and synthetic biology, for the utilization of lignocellulosic substrates and the production of fine and bulk chemicals. Social media manager and editor-in-chief of Italia Unita per la Scienza, association of science communication. Scientific editor for Oilproject. In MySushi project he is mainly involved in the Responsible research & innovation (RRI) task.
Diletta Ami
Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Milano Bicocca
In the framework of MySushi project, application of Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) (micro)spectroscopy for the in situ characterization of microbial cell factories employed for lipid production, to optimize the fermentation operative conditions. Main research interests focus on the monitoring of biological processes in situ, mainly by means of FTIR (micro)spectroscopy, and specifically on the role of bioactive lipids in different cell processes, including differentiation, maturation, stress response, protein misfolding and aggregation.
Simona Rimoldi
Graduated in Biology and PhD in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology
She works at Department of Biotechnology and Life Sciences (DBSV) of University of Insubria (Varese); her research activity aims to identify effective molecular markers for farmed fish welfare in response to different environmental conditions, nutritional and feeding strategies. Within MYSUSHI project she will evaluate the effects of fish oil replacement by alternative lipid sources on intestinal microbiome and expression of a panel of genes involved in intestinal nutrient uptake and immune response of fish
Chiara Ceccotti
Graduated in Agriculture and Environmental Biotechnology at University of Perugia
She has obtained the PhD title in Analysis, Protection and Management of Biodiversity at Department of Biotechnology and Life Sciences (DBSV) of University of Insubria (Varese) Her research focused on nutritional study of fish feed and fillet quality to detect amino acid and lipid composition by HPLC and GC-MS. Species examined Rainbow Trout (Onchorhynchus mykiss) and Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). Within MYSUSHI project, she will evaluate the fish response to different feed formulations by lipid analyses of fish feed and fillets.
Fabrizio Sibilla
Member of the Italian Biogas Consortium Technology and Science advisory board as well as consultant in the bio-based and circular economy
Fabrizio Sibilla received his Msc in Food Technology from the University of Milano in 2002 and then got a PhD in Industrial Biotechnology in 2008 from the RWTH-University of Germany. After working as researcher in the field of biofuels and bio-based processes at the RWTH, he then moved to the nova-Institut GmbH in Germany, where he was responsible for Techno-Economic evaluation of innovative bio-based processes.
Graziano Pizzolante
Responsible of molecular characterization of the intestinal community of fish fed with new formulations
Graziano Pizzolante received his MSc in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnologies from the University of Salento (Lecce) in 2012 discussing a thesis in Microbial Biotechnologies on the biochemical-molecular characterization of the gut microbial communities from the phytophagous insect Chrysolina herbacea as part of the interaction between it and the plant Mentha aquatica. Then, he got PhD in Biology and Biotechnologies in 2016 working on some superficial proteins of Neisseria meningitidis in order to contribute to the implementation of the serogroup B anti-meningococcal vaccine. . He now works at the University of Milan Bicocca and in this project he will characterize molecularly the gut microbial communities from fishes fed with PUFAs and carotenoids-based feeds obtained from bacterial fermentations.
Arianna Salvetti
Master student of Industrial Biotechnology
Master student of Industrial Biotechnology in thesis of Post-doc researcher Chiara Pesciaroli for MySushi project in the laboratory of Professor Paola Branduardi at the University of Milan-Bicocca; degree in Biotechnology at University of Milan-Bicocca.